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Clinfinite Solutions is a leading independent full-service clinical research organization or contract research organization (CRO) based in Hyderabad, India, a 25-years experience clinical research company. We offer complete regulatory and clinical research solutions to Domestic and international biopharmaceutical and medical device Companies.

Clinfinite is a global company with offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. We are in a good position to help biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical Companies of all kinds in handling the complex and constantly shifting world of regulations.

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At Clinfinite Solutions, we appreciate the dynamic and complex regulatory landscape that governs the drug approval process. Let’s work together to combine our knowledge, expertise, and know-how to navigate our way through the clinical development process and bring first-in-world and affordable medicines to every individual patient in need. With competence and compassion, we as a clinical research organization, aim to earn the trust and respect of our global clients, employees, and patients.

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Leadership team with extensive experience with over 100+ clinical/device trials.

Fully integrated Medical & Scientific teams.

Global, regional and local clinical trials.

Global Quality Management Systems & SOPs.

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Project Governance structure and effective communication plans.

Project, Deliverable, Resource level metrics.

Technical teams experience in diverse therapeutic areas & indications.

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Clinical Development Solutions

Clinical Development Solutions

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Project & Site Management Solutions

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Biometrics Solutions

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Bio-Specimen & Bio-Repository Solutions

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  • Latest Oct 26

    Bio-Specimen Sample Collection and Processing: A Comprehensive Guide

    Bio-specimen samples are biological materials, such as blood, urine, saliva, tissue, and cells that are collected from humans or animals for research or diagnostic purposes. The accurate collection and processing of bio-specimen samples is essential to ensure the quality and reliability of the results obtained from subsequent analyses.

  • Sep 22

    Explain the Meaning of Biobanking and Its Importance

    Biobanking, a word gaining popularity in scientific fields, is at the forefront of revolutionary research and medicinal advancements. This article looks into the complexities of biobanking, its historical evolution, the various types of biobanks, the essential processes involved, and its vital role in defining the future of medical research.
    The collecting, storage, and processing of biological samples for research purposes is known as biobanking. Blood, tissue, DNA, RNA, and even living cells can be used as samples. Biobanks are essentially archives for these precious resources, which are made available to scientists researching a wide range of diseases and health situations.

  • Latest Sep 14

    FFPE and Frozen Biospecimen Samples

    FFPE (Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded) and frozen biospecimen samples are vital resources in medical research. FFPE samples involve preserving tissues in formaldehyde, followed by embedding in paraffin wax, making them suitable for long-term storage. These samples are advantageous for retrospective studies, as they retain structural integrity.
    On the other hand, frozen biospecimen samples are snap-frozen and maintained at ultra-low temperatures. This method preserves biomolecules like DNA, RNA, and proteins, making them ideal for molecular analysis. However, frozen samples may degrade over time, requiring stringent storage conditions.
    Researchers choose between FFPE and frozen samples based on their specific research goals. FFPE offers histological insights, while frozen samples are preferred for molecular investigations. Both sample types are invaluable in advancing our understanding of diseases and developing diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

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